Cranberry Tea for Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections are a common problem that a majority of women experience at least once in their lifetime. Also known as cystitis, urinary tract infections can be highly uncomfortable and can lead to further symptoms if not taken care of properly. Consulting with your doctor is your best bet to get yourself on the road to recovery, however in addition to this you can also enlist the help of cranberries. Cranberries are filled with vitamins and other helpful constituents and can be especially useful in the form of a tea. For this reason, in addition to regular treatment methods, many doctors will also recommend that a patient who has been diagnosed with a UTI drink a couple glasses of cranberry juice or tea on a daily basis.


UTI Overview

Although they are more common in women, urinary tract infections can affect both genders. Generally, the most common symptom experienced that results from a urinary infection is characterized by a burning feeling during urination. In most cases, infections that are caught early can take only a couple of days to heal if treated promptly and properly. However, if left untreated, these infections can worsen and lead to more serious problems. Always consult with a doctor if you feel you may be suffering from a urinary tract infection in order to receive proper treatment.

Drink More Cranberry Tea

Scientific studies have backed that cranberry tea can help speed along and support the healing of a urinary tract infection as well as help further infections in the future. This is because certain properties found in cranberries can help repel and flush out bacteria from the body. Many prefer to drink cranberry tea as opposed to cranberry juice in order to avoid excess sugars and acids, which can make it less effective overall. Although more research is needed in order to confirm the validity of using cranberry tea to prevent and aid those with urinary tract infections, many studies have reported positive results for using cranberry tea to help cleanse the body of bacteria.