A Healthy Dose of Nutrients

Cranberries are most popularly known for their vitamin C, content, however did you know that these tangy fruits also offer a good dose of other helpful constituents as well? An herbal brew made from cranberries is also known for providing helpful antioxidants, fiber, as well as high amounts of potassium. In addition, cranberry tea also provides calcium, magnesium, and vitamins E, and K as well. All of these are key elements for supporting many different areas of the body such as the immune system, eye health, kidney function and cardiovascular health.

Organic Cranberries

Why Cranberry Tea?

Although many people turn to cranberry juice to get their good dose of these nutrients, it may be more beneficial to drink it in the form of tea. This is because tea brewed from cranberries comes without any added sugars or preservatives that can often turn a healthy drink into one that is not so healthy. Furthermore, in their tea form, cranberries are not as strongly acidic as they would be in their juice form, which can be an advantage for anyone who is looking to avoid high acidity levels.

Benefits of Adding Cranberry Tea to Your Diet

 Like many herbal teas, cranberry tea is a great option to drink on a daily basis. In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, cranberry tea is also incredibly useful for supporting the health of the urinary tract system. This is because drinking cranberry tea regularly can help reduce the amount of bacteria in your system which can be an excellent preventative measure for avoiding urinary tract infections. These detoxifying properties also help to aid those who are looking to lose weight by reducing the amount of fatty deposits in the body.